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>Although, do you think steel is suitable to
>fantasy AD&D?
Let's hope it doesn't rain!

Saying that, maybe you could have a "rust" affect, which increases
(worsens) the AC of steel armour after the character's been in the rain
for an hour or so.  Then maybe he would need to 'oil' or 'repair' his
armour to return it to its former glory.
Ian Stephenson
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actually, electrum is used in standard AD&D, but most DM's tend to
ignore it :P 

the question regarding steel - of course they used it!  in
DragonLance, steel is the standard medium of exchange (steel pieces
are to DL what gold pieces are to most other fantasy worlds).

be sure to throw in an occasional "collector's" coin, say a copper
piece that is old and rare and worth a fortune, but unless the players
look closely at it, they may just spend as a regular copper... <g> 

i would be curious to know just how many people out there are making
their muds to be as close to AD&D rules as possible ;)
it sounds like quite a few, and it seems silly they should all work
independantly to do exactly the same thing.  of course, gotta watch
out for TSR finding out... copyright infringement and all that :P
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