[Circle] GDB - not working (possible solution)

From: JARED MCDONALD (JMCDONALD@sol.otago.ac.nz)
Date: 08/08/96


I noticed there were some people stating that they couldn't get GDB 
to recognise there core file.  I had the same problem and have since 
solved it by updating the GDB I was using.

What i had :  gdb 4.14,  linux 2.0.0
what i got now : gdb 5.15.1 same linux

I found the enw version for gdb on the debian/linux site and it takes 
a bit of work getting it and getting it out of the debian packet and 
in to get it to run if your not using debian/linux (ie your using 
slackware).  But it was worth it and now i get recognised cores and 
can start uncommenting out the core dumb bits and fixing them.

Hope this helps some people, feel free to mail me if you require more 

Jared McDonald
Address:  12 Arthurs Walk       Phone Home : 64 3 454 2235
          Dunedin                     Work : 64 3 479 7390
email : jmcdonald@sol.otago.ac.nz
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