Re: [Circle] Mob Prog

From: WarRat (
Date: 08/10/96

At 10:43 AM 8/10/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Just curious, has anyone added the  mobprog patch
>to bpl11? I tried adding it to a brand new cherry
>copy of pl11, I had more errors than anyone would
>want me to post. I tried adding this patch by hand,
>same thing. 

Did you put the lines for Structs.h in, they were at the very bottom of the
patch after the place where the patch repeated itself.

If you did, then try adding conf.h and sysdep.h to structs.h
Mine compiled fine after I did this (then I ripped the whole thing out
because we decided we didn't want to spend the memory space on it)

The patch added about 45k to my exe size and the docs said that all those
programs added alot to the memory usage.  (Not telling anyone not to use it,
just why we chose not to at this point)

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