[Circle] Shopkeepers & Money

From: linebacker (linebacker@microlink.net)
Date: 08/12/96

Is this normal in bpl11?

No mater what I set a shopkeeper as (will bank  > 15000)
will start fight, etc.. they never amass money.

I mean, if he has 1000 coins, and I buy a potion that
cost 10 coins, he still has 1000 coins. Thus eventually
players will not be able to sell anything when he runs
out of money. 

I also noticed that when set as will bank money, his bank
account never really get's credited. (I know this is to 
allow players to kill shopkeepers and avoid giving them $$)
But if they do not accrue funds, why have this setting?

Have I screwed something up along the way, or is this like
this with stock code?

nd if so, what can I change to alow keepers to reflect actual
mony amounts?

Thanks, Chuck

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