[Circle] saving poofs

From: John C. Dodds (zzan@dbeach.com)
Date: 08/12/96

I finally got poofs to save. here is what i did to do that:

add a define
#define POOF_LENGTH <whatever size you want poofs to be>

in the structure player_special_data_saved add this where the spares are
(**warning this will corrupt playerfile since none of the spares are

char poofin[POOF_LENGTH + 1];
char poofout[POOF_LENGTH + 1];

and in db.c:
in store to char:
  POOFIN(ch) = st->player_specials_saved.poofin;
  POOFOUT(ch) = st->player_specials_saved.poofout;
and in char to store:
  if (POOFIN(ch))
	  strcpy(st->player_specials_saved.poofin, POOFIN(ch));
  if (POOFOUT(ch))
	  strcpy(st->player_specials_saved.poofout, POOFOUT(ch));

This works for me, the code on the snippets page did not.  Thanks to
Brian Gray for his post.

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