[Circle] Code Stopping multiple instantiation

From: Wade Hovind (WHovind@epsb.edmonton.ab.ca)
Date: 08/12/96

Well I must be learning something..I think this might actually be a   
reasonable question :)

I have two room special procedures.  Each of them trap a common command   
and load an object.  Simplest case is if the player does a "l hidden   
object" then that object is loaded.  Problem is...since it is a puzzle I   
would like to reward the player in some way <probably exp> giving them   
the exp is easy..but how do I make it so the look will only load the   
object and give the exp gain once per reset?

I guess I need to save the *state* of the puzzle somehow and toggle it   
the first time it is done.

Any Ideas?
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