Re: [Circle] Code Stopping multiple instantiation

From: Eric L. Helvey (
Date: 08/12/96

Well... you *could* move the object in question to a godroom... and
have the spec proc check for the hidden object... if there are none
currently in the game, execute the proc, if there are one or more of
those objects in the game, don't execute.

You'd just need to make sure you put that object somewhere where cheating
immos and such couoldn't get at it.


On Mon, 12 Aug 1996, Wade Hovind wrote:

> Well I must be learning something..I think this might actually be a   
> reasonable question :)
> I have two room special procedures.  Each of them trap a common command   
> and load an object.  Simplest case is if the player does a "l hidden   
> object" then that object is loaded.  Problem is...since it is a puzzle I   
> would like to reward the player in some way <probably exp> giving them   
> the exp is easy..but how do I make it so the look will only load the   
> object and give the exp gain once per reset?
> I guess I need to save the *state* of the puzzle somehow and toggle it   
> the first time it is done.
> Any Ideas?
> Wade  
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