[Circle] [CIRCLE] Help! How to move pfiles from one mud to another?

From: Gerry Smith (gsmith@dnc.net)
Date: 08/13/96


I have a Circle30bpl11 mud running on my Win95 
box, and want to move all the player files to a freshly 
compiled Circle30bpl11 install on an HP9000. I 
moved the whole lib tree, but when I try to login, 
it recognizes my player-name, but tells me I have 
the wrong password. All other players are treated 
as if it's the first time they've logged on (wants to 
create new characters).

Anyone know what I did wrong or how I should go
about transplanting my players to the new platform?


aka Toadeater     mud.dnc.net 4000  Mountains of Maragor

Gerry Smith    Owner, Nitrous Oxide Consulting
System Administrator, Direct NET Communications
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