Re: [Circle] [CIRCLE] Help! How to move pfiles from one mud to another?

From: bub (
Date: 08/13/96

I think that this problem has to do with diffences in the size and 
structure of the way the 2 os's save binary data with fwrite().

the char that you are trying to log on is idnum 1, right? (first char 
ever to log on). If so, this is your problem.

You could write some program for win95 that takes the pfile, converts it 
to plain text or some other cross platform format, then make a program 
for the other machine that takes the re-formatted version and writes it 
back to binary. the only other way would be to delete the pfile. Come to 
think of it, you'll prolly have to convert all the rent files too, 
because they're in binary format. It's prolly easier to just wipe the 
pfile and all the rent files and start the players from scratch.

On Mon, 12 Aug 1996, Gerry Smith wrote:

> All,
> I have a Circle30bpl11 mud running on my Win95 
> box, and want to move all the player files to a freshly 
> compiled Circle30bpl11 install on an HP9000. I 
> moved the whole lib tree, but when I try to login, 
> it recognizes my player-name, but tells me I have 
> the wrong password. All other players are treated 
> as if it's the first time they've logged on (wants to 
> create new characters).
> Anyone know what I did wrong or how I should go
> about transplanting my players to the new platform?
> Thanks!
> Gerry
> aka Toadeater 4000  Mountains of Maragor
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