Re: [Circle] Infinate levels

From: Derek Karnes (
Date: 08/14/96

Dan Andersen wrote:
> Is the a way to make infinate levels in CircleMUD?  By that I mean there
> is no way to be immortal, unless the GODs make you that way.
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Easiest way I can think of to simulate it would be:

	When they hit the (currently) highest mortal level, instad of advaning
them to LVL_IMMORT, increment one of the spare variables, then use the
value of that variable to determine how much exp is needed for next
level. Also, when outputting the info from "score" and "who" you would
add it to their "real" level.

For example, on the standard 30-mort-level mud, they wouldn't really be
a level 200 PC, they would actual be level 30 + 170, but if you didn't
tell, they would never know; you could hack some of the other functions
to use your new level variable to give (very small) bonuses. The hard
part would be keeping this in balance, I would think.

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    Yeah, which gives me an idea.

    Why not prefix every Circle binary file with a 32 bit integer (such
    as 0x01020304).  If, when the file is loaded, the driver detects that
    the number is not equal to 16909060 (decimal for 0x01020304), it will
    know that the file was saved in a different format than the driver 
    is currently using, so it can convert.

    Sure would save a lot of people some headaches... 

An even better idea IMHO, which may eventually be implemented, is to
write each binary number to the playerfile using htonl() and reading it 
with ntohl().  But this may be pointless if Circle eventually moves to 
ASCII playerfiles anyway.

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