[Circle] [OLC] Medit.c n oasis Strange prob

From: Frag (frag@earth.global.net.au)
Date: 08/14/96


Urm recently (well recently noticed) medit has decided to stop working..
Bt that i mean It has not been able o save.. (crash crash)..
neway I finally invested the time to learn gdb to some level, n traced
the bug to


now all works fine, the new arrays are made, but when it gets to 

the free(mob_index)

n then reeasign it shits it slef n crashes.. 

Now if i comment the lines out it will work (well id lose mem VERY quickly!!!)

Neway i have gone through the medit.c file from bot to top with a fine tooth combe!!
n i cant find any reason for this...

well a crash on a free fnc in my logic can occur on one of three situations

1.  Im freeing an already freed  array...
2.  Im freeing more mem than i should...
3.  The sys is fucked itself..... (run my mud on a linux 1.3.100 machine)

neway I have investigated teh first to death n no way it can be!
the second is very unlikely .. i cant c how...

n well third i don have root acess to know the stuff id like to....

But neway my question has ne1 else expirienced this b4 ??? If so did they fix it, n
if yes then could the gimme a pointer to where i should bee looking...

(It hasnt just been me that looked through the code but other coders, so i doubt its
a minhgy little nis declaration etc etc etc..) neway
ne help would be very very much appreciated!!!

thanks in advance
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