[Circle] POSSIBLY STUPID: Headaches over room scans (fwd)

From: philipe (philipe@[
Date: 08/14/96

I have added a command that needs to scan all chars in a room and
determine which of them is holding an item of a certain type. 
However, I can't figure out how, partly because I am somewhat 
inexperienced with pointer manipulation. I know this has something to 
do with world[ch->in_room].people, but 'people' happens to be a 
pointer to a struct of type char_data. It would also be useful to 
find out exactly how many chars are in a given room.

Thanks in advance,

Creator/IMP/Builder of CalaisMUD (under development)
USER:  > $ cat "food in tin cans"
UNIX:  > cat: cannot open food in tin cans

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