[Circle] Error in IDnum mob field?

From: Casper Lund (ncl@mailhost.net)
Date: 08/14/96

As I understand it, the IDnum is supposed to be an unique identifier
of the mob, but on my mud the IDnum field of all mobs is set to 0.
I've never noticed it before, so I don't know if it's been that all
the time.

My problem is that my mobs, which are equipped with memory, simply
bashes away at everything that moves at the moment (including them
selves), and when I looked into the matter I could see that the memory
routine stores the remembered mobs IDnum and recognizes it by that. 
But since all my mobs have IDnum 0, it could very well be the reason
that my mobs are being so unfriendly.

Maybe I fucked something up so all mob IDnums are wiped at
bootup/zreset, I dunno.. :(

Can anyone help me out a bit?

Casper Lund
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