Re:[Circle] Turn Undead Skill

From: Amy & Ryan Biggs (
Date: 08/15/96

>I am adding a turn undead skill for the appropriate classes
>and I need to know if this is the most flexible was to do it.
>I have added a mob affection, MOB_UNDEAD, and now I want to
>create the skill that will check all NPC's in the room and
>check for a possible turn/destroy. Has anyone done it this
>way, and if so, what would the skill look like? I am shakey
>when it comes to scanning through the characters in a room.

Well, when I write the Turn Undead spell for NoMUD, I used a different way.
After Sammy had put in the mob classes (GIant, goblinout, humaonid, undead,
etc) I just passed the spell through the room affect, then in the damage
area, I had it check to seeee if the affected person was of the mob type
undead.  It worked great.  The way I am going too be using in my new MUD is
different.  All players and moobs will have a "Body type" in the struct
char_data.  This body type will replace the mob classes and be possible for
PC's as well as NPC's.  Then, it will check in that way.  Because of this,
spells that affect only certain classes (like turn undead) can affect
players too (for those foolish PC vampires)  As well, when I get things
like +3 vs dragons weapons, it will also be used.

>btw: I also want to use the MOB_UNDEAD flag for other things
>sych as items, that is why I chose the affection option.

Undead items?  What's that all about?

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