[Circle] OasisOLC_2_zones

From: malcor (malcor@cyberportal.net)
Date: 08/17/96

Does anybody out there  know how to make oasisolc so that you can set 2 
zones to a player?

I took the case in set and copied it making it OLC_ZNUM2 and i added 
another spot in structs.h in the playerfile to be olc_zone2.

next i changed olc.c to be OLC_ZNUM and OLC_ZNUM2.

basically i took every OLC_ZNUM and copied a OLC_ZNUM2.

in olc.h i made the define as

#define OLC_ZNUM2 blah blah ->saved.olc_znum2

any ideas?

thanks in advance :)

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