[Circle] About my flame -- sorry to all: end of thread

From: Thomas G. Dailey (tgd@iglou.com)
Date: 08/17/96

I apologize for cc-ing the list on that reply about "Coders needed for
3.0".  Some of you have emailed me asking me not to do this and it will
never happen again.

But as far as searching for a coder, I will do that again on this list if
I need.  There are a lot of people on this list who do not run a mud but
would like to in the future join one.  I had over 5 responses from my
first post, therefore confirming this.  Also, I would, and so would anyone
else, rather have someone who is familiar to circle code.  Would you
expect me to post on rgmd or merc mailing list?

Anyways,  I am sorry for that flame and please let's end this thread.


Tom Dailey

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