Re: [Circle] About my flame -- sorry to all: end of thread

From: Barid Bel Medar (
Date: 08/18/96

I'll apologize in advance for CCing the list.  However, this seems to be 
a prevalent attitude, at least among some of the more vocal members of 
the mailing list, and since we've had debates about this in the past, it 
would be nice if we decided firmly on whether or not this should be allowed.

On Sat, 17 Aug 1996, Thomas G. Dailey wrote:

> I apologize for cc-ing the list on that reply about "Coders needed for
> 3.0".  Some of you have emailed me asking me not to do this and it will
> never happen again.

Well, I just didn't read it, but thanks for saving me the keystrokes in 
the future.

> But as far as searching for a coder, I will do that again on this list if
> I need.  There are a lot of people on this list who do not run a mud but
> would like to in the future join one.  I had over 5 responses from my
> first post, therefore confirming this.  

Wow...  5 out of - how many, Alex? - 400?  This list isn't for 
advertising new MUDs, new positions, or anything of the sort.  It's for 
CircleMUD development questions.  If you have a question about getting 
something to work under CircleMUD, you're welcome to ask here.  However, 
I don't feel that requests for coders are really appropriate here unless 
mentioned in a .sig or something like that.   (i.e., the main point of 
the message is to ask a programming question.)

> Also, I would, and so would anyone
> else, rather have someone who is familiar to circle code.  Would you
> expect me to post on rgmd or merc mailing list?

No.  But you should be able to post to or whatever if 
you're looking for a coder.  Most people who WANT to be coders will also 
check out the appropriate newsgroups, and you're more likely to get an 
enthusiastic reply there.  Here, most people are either associated with a 
MUD already or don't want to be.

You raise a good point, though.  Posting to the Merc mailing list would 
be inappropriate because your message wouldn't deal with Merc MUDs.  
Likewise, posting to this group and requesting coders is inappropriate 
because your message doesn't deal with coding CircleMUDs.  One thing I 
like about the Debian Linux mailing lists is that there's a "debian-user" 
list and a "debian-devel" list.  People who have installation or 
newbie-style questions about Debian, such as where to get it and what the 
latest version is, send their messages to debian-user.  Anyone interested 
in developing Debian write to debian-devel.  Violations of etiquette on 
either list are severely punished (well, you're thrown off the list, at 
least).  While I'm not sure that such a dictatorial approach is ideal, it 
certainly seems to work.

We need some kind of a mission statement for this list.  I'm pretty sure 
I've been through the FAQ at least once within the past month and I don't 
remember seeing anything of the kind.  Are we going to tolerate 
advertisements?  Are we going to limit them to just coding-related 
advertisements?  Or are we going to allow only programming questions to 
come through the list?  If so, would questions about getting ports to 
work be deemed appropriate (I refer specifically to the barrage of 
"I-can't-get-Win95-Circle-to-run" posts that come along periodically - 
usually generated when the user doesn't realize that he has to buy a 
compiler before compiling anything)?

> Anyways,  I am sorry for that flame and please let's end this thread.

Well, not the one I just started, at least not until it's answered.

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