Re: [Circle] About my flame -- sorry to all: end of thread

From: Jack Wilson (
Date: 08/18/96

Barid Bel Medar wrote:
> I'll apologize in advance for CCing the list.  However, this seems 
>to be a prevalent attitude, at least among some of the more vocal
>members of the mailing list, and since we've had debates about this 
>in the past, it would be nice if we decided firmly on whether or not
>this should be allowed.
[much snipped]

I guess you missed the "Ensure that you have read the FAQ" notice
that has been appended to every post on the Circle mailing list for
the last month.

The FAQ, which you should read, says:
   * No flames.
   * Ads (even commercial ones) are allowed, but ... well, read the
     FAQ to find out the details.
   * "If you must make off topic posts, include an ObCircle section
      in your post."

In short, read the FAQ.  The URL of the FAQ will be appended to my
post, as it has been with the last five hundred posts, including yours.

As a side note, if someone gets flamed in a public forum, and they have
any spine at all, they will respond in the forum.  It's just human
nature and you can't fault the person for responding.  The person you
should really blame for a flame war is the one who sets it off; in this
case, it was  My only comment about his flame
is that he should have found out the facts instead of making stuff up.

OBCIRCLE (as suggested by the FAQ, which you should read...):

I've created a nanny patch which makes Circle's input modes modular
so that you can add new modes without having to recompile the whole
durn thing.  It's also great for working with add-ons like online
editors.  If there's sufficient interest, I'll upload it to the Circle

Be warned: if you're not patching it into a virgin 30bpl11 Circle
driver, you will probably have lots of problems.  But the concept is
worth emulating.

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