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From: Adam Days (
Date: 08/18/96

On Sun, 18 Aug 1996, Joe DeDapper wrote:

> I've got a Simple QUestion, how would I want to execcute a 'command'
> elseware....   Like say I had a command called 'batman' function being
> do_batman()   I'm not quite sure of what arguments are required for
> executing these commands...
>   ANy help would be great..
  I'm not quite sure what you're trying to say, but if you want to make
another command to execute while your inside the mud, you are going to
have to make the call in interpreter.c, you'll probably want to make it a
ACMD(do_batman) type of function.  then add it in interpreter.c where the
other ACMDs are located.  Then depending on what type of function you are
trying to make put the definition of the ACMD(do_batman) in where it would
be most appropriate, example:
ACMD(do_bash), ACMD(do_kick) are in act.offensive.c
I hope this was of some help.

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