[Circle] Zone resets and max mobs/objs

From: Melen (melen@melen.acmenet.net)
Date: 08/18/96

Currently, when the zones reset, it checks max mobs and counts all the 
mobs in the entire world. I would like max mobs/objects to be for ZONES 
not the entire world (i.e. You have zone 20 and zone 30. In zone 20 you 
have it load obj vnum 2000 max 1 (cause max 2 would create the obj/mob 
over again in the same room) and in zone 30 you have it load obj vnum 
2000 max 1. Now when the mud BOOTS it'll load them both just fine, but 
lets say you purge the room in zone 20 with vnum 2000, then zreset 20. It 
will *not* load another copy because of the command in zone 30 being max 1).

    case 'M':                   /* read a mobile */
      if (mob_index[ZCMD.arg1].number < ZCMD.arg2) {
        mob = read_mobile(ZCMD.arg1, REAL);
        char_to_room(mob, ZCMD.arg3);
        last_cmd = 1;
      } else
        last_cmd = 0;

Thats the code from db.c for MOBS, Anyways I could imp this?

Allanthya MUD: mad.eshores.com port 4000
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