Re: [Circle] Mobprogs & spells

From: Argus (
Date: 08/19/96

> well, if i switch to any mob they do not know any spells. But spec_procs
> seem to have no problems casting the spells. (I made one for the mob I
> am trying to use the mob prog on)

The reason sepc_procs can cast the spell is because the spell is 
coded.  With mob programs all they do is the same commands as the 
user.. they act just like you "switched" into the mob.  If the mob 
does not know the spell then they can not cast it.  If the mob 
DOESknow the spell then they can cast it.  With Spec_procs.c the mob 
doesn't have to "know" the spell.. because the code casts it without 
doing the checks to see if the mob "knows" the spell or not.  You 
have to imp in additional code to assign spells to mobs or do a IS-NPC 
check everytime something is cast.  If it's a mob it casts it 
automatically at supurb otherwise do the standard checks for PC's.  
We imp'd it in the first way on our mud.  Hope this helps....  Just 
remember Mob Programs are NOT spec_procs, they give artifical life to 
the mob casting, saying, telling, socials and fighting just like a 
player would, with the same basic restrictions as players have.  
SPEC-PROCS can do anything you can code.
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