Re:[Circle] Role Playing in CircleMud

From: Frag (
Date: 08/19/96

Well I as an imp, have came across the rp issue..
N well i had lengthy discussions with many imps, role players etc
n we decided it would be very very very hard to make a good rp
mud, unless u have fuck loads of tim n then well a nice n fast server

The thing is when i think of rp im thinking of things like the player
says i want to jump onto this rock n get better hits aganst that guy...
that sorta stuff, n well to do this in a circle mud env is kinda stupid..

U can get away with a mud that involves more thinking but i dont c any
possible way to get a true or even close rp mud...

I know of a mud thats being bulkt now, n thats heading down a almost
rp mud style, but it still isnt true rp, ie u cant possibly put in all
the choices that can be made,.... whne u think about it
u just cant.. Ive seen muds that try n guise the hack n slash
n claim to be rp, but all u do there is try to level, or just 
become more powerfull since exp gains is onl htrough kills...
(in rare cases for opening doors etc etc etc) so if a rp
mud is to come about the whole exp thing will have to be abolished
n well i dont think it ever will be totally...

eg of another rp type thing ..
say there is a guard sleeping, i might want to poison his
water instead of killing him, n unless for each n every 
idea u have accomedated for u dont have an rp mud..

By adding things like trade/modded exp/modded lv/ etc etc
u dont make rp mud, but rather a *thinking* mud instead of a pure 
hack n  slash ie a hybrid mud (rnt i funny today :))

Personally I love hack n slash, n i intend my mud to be a good one of those..

Well neway thats my tot's on the issue.. :)


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