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Date: 08/19/96

>1) I would like to know if anyone has ever addressed added more
>role-playing into your muds, and make this role-playing something
>that is just there, so the players don't have me saying "go
>role-play!". I am looking for some inteligent ways to add these
>features. My first thought is to restructure/remove the current level
>system, with just getting XP from killing monsters and such, maybe
>even make it so my mud has no levels, but that creates many problems
>such as a players insentive to want to log on. If levels were totally
>removed, there would have to be different 'goals' for players to
>reach along the lines of role-playing.

An option could be that players trade XP for things.  For example, a player
has 5000 XP and he can trade that for a chill touch spell.  THat way you
are using experience directly for something.  Also you could add in HP's,
Mana, and move into those.  As for me I am expanding the level system.  I
have 3 levels of mortals (well, 4 actually) All players start as citizens,
then CHOOSE their class based on their stats (stats are rolled randomly and
rerolls are allowed.) and then if they have enough in the stats they join
that class.  Once they hit lvel 50, they can "remort" into a higher power
character class (fighters become gladiators, clerics become either monks or
druids, etc.) and they must FIND the new guildmaster to even join (so the
assassin class will be VERY hard to join) Then, after 50 levels in THAT
class, they choose their final class.  THis will usually determine what
their choice alignment will be (Gladiators can choose to become either
paladins or anti-paladins) and basically give them that.

To encourage Role-playing I will have 6 starting cities.  3 of the cities
will be modified stock ones (Rome, New Thalos & Midgaard) and the other 3
will be completely new.  The city you come from is in a specific area of
the MUD would, and as such will have a choice of select character races
(ie. No dwarves in the elven city)  Each city will be ruled by an IMP, and
the IMP will set up their own 'council'.  Players in the council can be
mortal or immortal (there will be VERY FEW immortals besides the imps
however) If you choose not to give a tinker's butt about politics, then you
can just go kill mobs in a totally new world (with totally new concepts in
the whole MUD).  If you DO decide to get into politics, that is where the
role-playing starts.  Pkills are then legal on and for you.  (If you don't
have the 'city' flag, you can't pkill or be pkilled unless you are in a
designated pkill zone...the murder command will be REMOVED)  Thinggs like
spying, assassinations (thus my assassin spec_proc) and intriuge will
start.  It will be just like a intrigue rich midaeval world where kings and
queens vyed for power by alliances and assassination.

As well, there will be other smaller 'cities' that you can go trade to.  It
will be possible to get a 'wagon obj' that will allow you to carry a LARGE
amount of goods.  Of course, it will be fun here because whoever is riding
the 'wagon' will be the only one who can access it's kill
the driver, get the  goods.  Suddenly brigands, caravan guards and other
things develop.

>2) Is there anyone out there interested in undergoing this project
>with    me? I am not scouting for coders here, but if anyone out there
>has    the same ambitions as i do i would love to have you. Of course,
>you    would need to be pretty good with c. We have enough muds filled
>   snippets out there, and this would envolve some serious coding.

Sorry, mine is a full time job just getting it ready.

>3) How about starting an intelligent discussion without flames and
>insults to discuse role-playing in circlemuds, if you think it is a
>good idea or not, some ways to go about running and coding a
>role-playing mud and such.

I think it's a great idea.  Maybe a [RP] thing at the begginning of the

If you really wanna see a strong Role-Play MUD, check out A Moment in Tyme. 6969.  It WAS a circle base, and has been so heavily
modified that it is beyond recognition code wise.  (and don't bother asking
them for any code, I was a coder there and I can tell you they won't give
it to you)  Talk to Mikki if you can, tell her that Uriel/Maravent/Charon
sent you, and that you wanted to discuss how Role-Playing is handled.  They
have handbooks on role-playing online (typee handbook) but talking to an
imp about it is easier.

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