Re: [Circle] Role Playing in CircleMud

From: Lost Empire (
Date: 08/19/96

> and what I propose is if people start coding
> spec_procs for rooms, mobs etc.. for a certain area that has the aim of
> having players solve problems, etc, and perhaps we can upload it into the
> circle server.  That way, we will have plenty of quests to add into our
> muds.

I agree with everything you said except this last part..this is exactly
the problem with muds today..if someone makes an area like this, and
it, then every circlemud will end up with thgis area, and it is no 
better than a stock zone. If your an IMP, when you get the code, you
must do whatever you can to make your mud different from the other 
hundred circlemuds out there. If you keep downloading premade zones and
snippets, you don't end up with an origional mud, but a mud filled with
people have seen before. I use circlemud code because i like the code
and such,
but, IMHO, circlemud has way to much in it. I think it should come with
no areas or
mobs or objs(except maybe some demo's), no premade classes, spells or
If it came like this, then there would be no IMPS who have never seen c
in their
lives trying to run a mud, which cannot be done. When i first downloaded
circlemud code, i did what most people did, i just jumped in and started
to add stuff.
I was a fool, and am going to delete my code in a few minutes to start
fresh. I am 
not saying that everyone should redo every aspect of circlemud, but you
should redo
most of the EXTERNAL factors to make your mud an origional mud. What i
mean by external are
things such as classes, spells, skills, zones, mobs, adding new code
features and such. The
list goes on and on, but they are are the things that MUST be done to
make your mud 
alittle different then the other stock muds, IMHO. Then you can attack
the real code, the
inner workings of the mud to truely make your mud origional. To change
the internal aspects, 
you need to be a decent c coder, but to change external aspects, all you
really need is a backround
in c, c++ or pascal, because most of the work is cut and paste! Adding
races, classes, clans, 
alot of spells and skills and many many more things is cut and paste and
then change small things.
If you cannot do that much, then you do not deserve to be an imp.

wow..this note went far off what i started at...don't take this as a
flame, becuase its not,
its just me, expresing my opinion on cirlcemud code and how imps handle

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