Re: [Circle] Role Playing in CircleMud

From: Chi Hoai Tran (
Date: 08/19/96

  I have been planning to add some roleplaying element into my mud,
however, the amount of time needed to add one roleplaying element
is tremendously high when you consider that once one player understands
the roleplaying element, he will pass information to others.
  By roleplaying, I mean quests of the nature prevalent in LPmuds.
I found that when I *USED* to mud on LPs, I was forced to read every
description of every room and every mob to try to solve each quest.
I found some quests very satisfying, while others were chores, BUT
it did make mudding very different.  Also, there was a requirement to
solve a minimum amount of quests before you can advance further, etc.
  Like I said, I would like to implement my own quests into each area,
however, spending hours on a quest which will be solved and the
information passed onto others will make the quest obsolete.
  BUT, I think adding variety into a mud is my definition of roleplaying
within the confines of MUD-realism.  You cant expect pure roleplaying when
it comes to computers.  I have also developed many little gameplays that
force players to fully explore each area - like, they will need to find a
new guildmaster to advance levels at every ten levels.
  Anyways, as you can ascertain, I am extremely interested in adding
roleplaying into any mud, and what I propose is if people start coding
spec_procs for rooms, mobs etc.. for a certain area that has the aim of
having players solve problems, etc, and perhaps we can upload it into the
circle server.  That way, we will have plenty of quests to add into our

    Horus, Dark Realms  @ 5000

What is roleplaying anyways??!!

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