Re: [Circle] An idea for Oasis's medit

From: Daniel W. Burke (
Date: 08/19/96

On Mon, 19 Aug 1996, Derek Karnes wrote:

> After finally working out some suitable formulae for moblie stats on my
> MUD, we realized that builders don't like to do math very much.. 
> We put in in a bunch of defaults after the line:
>   GET_LEVEL(OLC_MOB(d)) = MAX(1, MIN(100, atoi(arg)));
> in medit.c (roughly line 820)
> So now when a builder sets the level on a mob, it fills in the hit dice,
> dam dice, exp, etc. And the user can just tweak them to add variety or
> compensate for specials, etc.
> It seems to work fine and builders like it. (And I like it since I dont
> have to worry as much about builders making mobs too easy or too hard.)

I did this with obuild a long time ago... it seemed that people were 
making mobs with 30k hp and not even caring what our tables said... 
that's a lot of hp when you consider that our toughest mobs are supposed 
to be level 39 with MAX 4k hp.... not to mention that they were giving 
level 1 mobs -100 ac and really off the wall stats like that.... now that 
all that stuff is automatically set when you set the level they don't 
even bother...

Also, I coded some limits with items, so 100d100 swords impossible, and 
rings with 100hp 100mana and 50dam are impossible... (limit and builder 
can set is 30mana/hp/mv and 4 damn for any object, but we do a few 
uncoded limits based on wear position)


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