[Circle][RP] The Beggining

From: Lost Empire (Gkelly1@ix.netcom.com)
Date: 08/19/96

ok...i know this is going to sound like an advertisement, and it
probably is, but because of the enormous responce i received from my
last post, i feel it is appropriate.

I received so many ideas i had never thought of that i think are great,
I have decided that i want to undergo a major project. I know there are
many of you out there who would like to help me, but this is the offical
message. If anyone out there would like to take part in creating a new
mud, based on RP, eliminating Hack 'n' Slash, and so on, please e-mail
me with 'Join up!' in the subject, so i get back to you ASAP..so far,
this is what i think we need to start off.

1) A site ;) For testing purposes, i can compile and run the mud on
my    windows 95 PC, and we can all telnet to it and such, but that is
no    site. We can probably go alittle while w/o one, but it is a   

2) More coders. The exact number i am not sure about, but probably   
around 4 or 5. If you are a lone coder, who only does what you feel   
like this is not the job for you. There will be many IRC and e-mail   
discussions before we even start to code. This will be an enormous   
team effort.

3) Good experienced builders. I am going to wipe all of the zones
except    the God complex, and the only reason for keeping that is
testing. I    don't expect to get any builders here, but i am just
letting you know 
   the basic plan outline.

4) Admin. I figure 3 or 4 more immortals to echange ideas, and test them 
   while eveyone else is working. The only qualifications for this
job    is long mud playing experience on many platforms. I also have
some    ideas to use these immortals for something once the game gets
going,    but we, the staff can discuse that at a later time.

   please, don't flame me and tell me to goto a newsgroup, because
most    of the people there are kids that just want to be an immortal.
if you    want to be part of a unique team, and fit any of the groups
above,    please mail me with 'Join up!' in the subject. You won't
regret it.

   Greg Kelly

   P.S. If you know a good spell check for e-mail, i need it!!
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