Re:[Circle] Role Playing in CircleMud

From: Alex (
Date: 08/19/96

On Mon, 19 Aug 1996, Frag wrote:
> Well I as an imp, have came across the rp issue..
> N well i had lengthy discussions with many imps, role players etc
> n we decided it would be very very very hard to make a good rp
> mud, unless u have fuck loads of tim n then well a nice n fast server
[rest snipped]

Ouch.  Took me two tries to read all the 'net geek shortforms' in this
letter.  Ow.  Can we at least try to use the Queen's English?  ie 'you'
rather than 'u', 'anyways' rather than 'neways', 'and' rather than 'n',
and so forth? (=

On a side note... the List FAQ has been updated slightly... there is
now a new header tag 'RP', and since everyone is using them and so
forth, I expect that it'll be used.  No? (=

Erm... Yeah.  Whatever.

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