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From: ks white (
Date: 08/19/96

On Mon, 19 Aug 1996, Amy & Ryan Biggs wrote:
> An option could be that players trade XP for things.  For example, a player
> has 5000 XP and he can trade that for a chill touch spell.  THat way you
> are using experience directly for something.  Also you could add in HP's,
> Mana, and move into those.

Why bother with XP at all if you arent going to have levels?

With a skill-based system, you can improve skills directly, as you use
them, rather than having to do this roundabout old-school thinking
of xp->level->practices->skill improvement.

Spell-castors will improve their spells for using them, not for
happening to get a killing blow on something. Doesnt that make
more sense?

This system has been covered pretty well before on this list, but
just for clarity, here's how we do it: every time you use a skill/spell
and fail, you have a base chance to learn from your mistake that is
improved by high wis or int. You learn between 1 and (I think it was)
3% in that skill if you succeed in learning, and again an extra %
for high wis. There is also a timer on skills learned, and the amount
of skills you can handle learning at any given time (until the timers
run out) is also int/wis-based. As you become better at something,
it becomes harder to perfect, allowing for a fairly quick attainment
of of basic survivability but leaving "super-powers" as a rare

Example: Bonk (or whatever) is in combat, and he attempts to kick his
opponent and fails. Since he has the kick skill (some basic training),
he gets a slim chance to learn from the mistake (say 1 in 100). His
intelligence is 17, giving him a greater chance to learn and an extra
% bonus to his skill if he does. He learns it, albeit without his
knowing (though he will be able to see the steady improvement in a
realistic fashion), and gains 3% to his kick skill. A timer of twenty
minutes is set on his kick skill, which must pass before he can learn
it again. He has, however, three slots open for learning skills. He
could conceivably learn disarm, bash and riding in the same fashion,
but then he would need some time to let these things "sink in"
before learning more.

-K of Exile

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