Re: [Circle] [OLDBIE] Running Under Win95 & [AI] for mobs

From: Katzlberger Thomas (
Date: 08/20/96

You wrote:


> circle compiles fine under windows 95 with MSVC++ ver 4.0
> you just have to follow the INSTRUCTIONS that come with the
> distribution.               ^^^^^^^^^^^^
> they are in the form of readme files
> doesn't anyone look at all the info available before asking for
> help??
> John

Well I don't run it under Win95, hence I don't have to read the file. 

I was asked for a suggestion and that was my very subjective response.

BTW: I am curious how many of the readers of this list run a
public accessible MUD on Win95 or WinNT (NOT with MODEM) ?


> C++ keywords? In the circle code? I haven't seen any C++
> specific things in the stock code.

Well at least some patchlevels before they were in I don't
know of the newest release.

struct char_player_data {
    byte class;         /* PC / NPC's class		       */

class is a reserved word in C++ and gives a compiler error
on standard C++ compilers - at least it should.


AI for mobs (respose to another message I read earlier on the list
suggesting to implement Neural Networks and use LISP for circle):

Well NN's are way too computation intense to be used on muds and
LISP is no extension or enhancement to C. All you can do in LISP
you can do in C too (and better readable). BTW there is already
AI in the stock circle code ... it is hidden in a skill and uses


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