Re: [Circle] Win95??

From: Mike Prior (
Date: 08/20/96

Linebacker wrote:
> I am just curious, how effecient does circle run under 95? Does
> anyone have a mud up running win95 with a significant player
> load? I wuld like to check it out.
> I just think windows is the last thing I would run a mud on. Hell
> it eats up my 64megs ram just running simple C programs and other
> stuff.

I'm not sure what you're running, but with 30 users on my MUD (32MB
Pentium 90) it flies.  Unfortunately I'm down at the moment (not because
of Win95 :P) and will be back up in couple of months, if ya don't find
anything in between, I've put ya in my diary and I'll send ya the new
address when I'm back up. :)  Everyone shouldn't be so critical, I'm not
a big MUD, and in OZ (Australia) security is less of an issue (I know it
only takes one butthead so don't start something from that :P - I'm a
trusting netter).

Good Luck, and best regards,


Helleth - GOD of Fire

Realm of Elements

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