Re: [Circle] Role Playing in CircleMud

From: Jens Malare (
Date: 08/20/96

>Our development group has put a lot of consideration into the development
>of a RP'ing mud. Here are ome suggestions that I will give to you.

>1) remove the current combat system from circle. There is no way to have
>a truly role-playing mud with a hack'n'slash combat engine. Real battle
>is not automatic without thought. People will realy reconsider just
>killing if the have to think/perform/ and put some real effort into it.

>2) get a really good set of builders. have a purpose/goal to each area.
>Have a purpose for mobs and give them personalities and make them, more
>real. (here, I suggest a lot of spec-procs or something new and totaly

>3) strip out a lot of the informational commands because it takes away
>from the game. Just be very qualitative and not quantitative. be very
>descriptive about PC's and NPC's.

I'd just want to add one more thing.

4) Remove the level system. Would you actually walk out in the streets
asking what level people are? I doubt it. Instead, introduce a better
skill system. That way, players still have goals to set... learning more
and more spells/skills, advancing in their profession.


Regards, Jens Malare <>

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