[Circle] Re: Copyright info, Moderated?, Ettiquette!, Argus(Hitler) & Frag( ne

From: Alex (fletcher@cspo.queensu.ca)
Date: 08/20/96

> The last thing I wanted to do was to send mail to this group, but
> things have gotten out of hand.
To be honest I agree here.  I'm working on designing a moderated
newsgroup, but unfortunately, I'm not quite there yet... Also planning
on getting a 'list.circlemud.org' pointer for the list here too... but
again... that's not here yet.  I am quite busy right now with a full time
job and a part time job, but I am putting a lot of time into Circle stuff.

> I want to write several areas, actually an entire mudworld based on an
> already existing novel set, and am curious as to what others have run
> into.
I'd suggest letting the author know at the *very* least... 

> To Alex:
> Is there perhaps a way to add to the sig file that you append to all Circle
> messages the number of people that will receive that message? I think some
> people don't realize how many "listeners" are out there.
Willdo.  Later today. (=

Thankfully, being the owner, I get first dibs on responding to this...

The actual letter follows... *grin*

Erm... Yeah.  Whatever.

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