[Circle] Copyright info, Moderated?, Ettiquette!, Argus(Hitler) & Frag(ne)

From: McDonald,Andrew W (Andrew_McDonald@mc.xerox.com)
Date: 08/20/96

The last thing I wanted to do was to send mail to this group, but things have
gotten out of hand. I used to be able to drag all my CIRCLE message to
a folder to save for future use, now I find I'm dragging all of them to the 
wastebasket. Has anyone considered making this list moderated. If not, please 
do consider, and forward me the information on how to sign up and remove 
myself from this incessant banter I am greeted with every morning. If you
hate reading long email, as I do delete this now. I plan to question 
copyright laws, address etiquette and inform Mr. Argus of his

In order to give this message some substance before I get into any concerns,
does anyone have any information on copyright laws when it comes to writing
areas. I want to write several areas, actually an entire mudworld based on
an already existing novel set, and am curious as to what others have run into.
I've talked to the Arctic Mud people and they say they've had no problems. 
(Arctic is based on the Dragonlance world from TSR).

To Alex:
Is there perhaps a way to add to the sig file that you append to all Circle
messages the number of people that will receive that message? I think some
people don't realize how many "listeners" are out there.

Now to everyone:
I suggest the next time you send a message to this group, or any other for
that matter that you read over your message several times and ask yourself
a few questions, "Am I really saying what I want to say here? Is this the image
I want to portray to the myriad of people that will receive this? Do I really
need to send this to everyone on the list? Will a good majority benefit 
 from my 
sending this message? Or should I just send it to the two or three people who 
asked for it."

Maybe this is bordering on etiquette, but just from personal experience
here are few things everyone can do to minimize the conflict that can erupt 
in these mailing lists. 1) Don't reply to every single message immediately. 
Read all of your mail first, then send one single message that covers any 
items that you wish to discuss. 2) Remove ALL parts of a "reply" message 
that are irrelevant, (especially these incessant signatures) or remove it all 
completely and just reference the author and date. It's very likely that we 
all have the same message about 6 messages up in our list, and know exactly 
what we're talking about. If you don't, sorry, you miss out this time.

To Argus, or whatever your name is:
I cannot believe you would even think of sending this message to such a
mailing list as the one to which we subscribe. Please realize that it was
the list owner  himself who requested that the lazy typing desist. A few
others saw fit to express their concern as well, to make it painfully obvious
to this "Frag" individual that his typing style was not appropriate for this
mailing list. 

I have never in my entire life seen any foreign individual use numbers to
signify words when using our English language. Using 1 or one, is one thing,
but using ne1 for anyone, is absolutely ridiculous. You belittle foreigners a
great deal by saying its ok for them to type like that -- foreigners do not
and would not type like that. Only the type of person that lazy America could
produce would even dream up this 'warez' speak as someone termed it. Anyone
who can type properly knows that it takes no time to type anyone as compared
to ne1. 

I think you went way to far in assuming that people who are requesting a 
person type out "anyone" are both racially and religiously biased, and
then naming them Hitlers. Please, in the future, never speak on behalf
of the American population, you have no right, nor does anyone. Your
writing is completely off base and inappropriate. I pray that you are not
in our Armed Forces, for I would not want to be protected by such an
ignorant individual. You do a great disservice by representing yourself as

To Frag:
In all seriousness, you've got some very good ideas and inputs to this list,
and I do admit to trudging through your previous writings. Realize that you're
sending these messages to be read by others, and what benefit is there to you
typing it faster, if we have to take two or three times the time to read it. 
Remember your 'customer' on the other end.

Andrew McDonald
Mr. Andrew W. McDonald				Xerox
						Xerox Square, USCO Headquarters
Andrew_McDonald@MC.XEROX.COM			Rochester, NY

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