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From: Linebacker (
Date: 08/20/96

>However, I don't think any "mechanics" in any game will help RP in many ways.
>  RP is putting the SOCIALS and ACT commands to extreme use along with the
>interaction between PC and NPC.  Anyone can do ZORK, there is no RP in it.
> Put a group of people together and and watch the interaction...  Do they RP
>the enviroment? (Shiver when it says it is snowing, complain when it says
>they are hungry?  Complain when the thief takes too long to pop the lock on a
>door?)  That is role playing and the only thing that can encourage that is
>the Gods enviroment/encouragement and acting classes :D
>  SanctuaryMUD
I agree totally. I feel the players have to want to role play for it to develop.
Shouting 'I need a +6 two-handed sword' accross a global chanel is not role

Here is what I am doing to give role playing a chance on my mud: (It will
be up to the players which way the mud will develop)

I have a tower where everyone starts out (in each town) and everyting in the
tower is
considered out of character. All boards, mail, etc.. is in this tower. There
is a chat
room, a donation room, and a bank. I ask that once players leave the tower
they respect
the role playing issue, and act accordingly. I ask that any knowledge that
their charcter
would not have, not be used, (such as directions and clues and stuff) I know
this is hard
to do, but we have several built in quests, and any players caught giving
away the secrets
are penalized.

Right now I am working on code that will only allow the out of character
chat channel to be
heard in specific rooms. Other than that, there are no other global channels
besides the
god channels. My main problem now, is the level restricted eq. It is
unrealistic and incompatible
with role playing, but necessary as first. (once the money system is
tweaked, we can remove the
flags, because we want it so that no matter what level the char, money will
be in demand., thus
high levels will be forced to sell the eq they obtain, rather than give it
to newbies) Sojourn
had perfected this concept, I believe it is one of the cornerstones to the
strong role playing
environment they have developed. (I actually got scorned by players their
for not using good 
role playing methods, I was asking someone where a good area for my level
was and he did not like
it to well.)

At any rate, role playing will take time to develop.


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