Re: [Circle] [RP] Role Playing in CircleMud

From: ks white (
Date: 08/20/96

> My main problem now, is the level restricted eq. It is
> unrealistic and incompatible
> with role playing, but necessary as first. (once the money system is
> tweaked, we can remove the
> flags, because we want it so that no matter what level the char, money will
> be in demand., thus
> high levels will be forced to sell the eq they obtain, rather than give it
> to newbies) 

 I dont know if you were looking for ideas, but here's a few anyhow.

 Seems like a small thing, but having starvation and/or dehydration
as real threats (if they arent already) might help. All those little
coins for food add up.. sized races and equipment also (adding tailoring
costs, for some, to the regular cost of the item).

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