[Circle] code snippets.

From: Mark McCormick (mark@cyberia.ie)
Date: 08/20/96

hmm i have a few things.
speedwalk, ping a player, finger, gossip-social, blind-force (doesn't 
echo to victim), recent(show last few lines of syslog), timeset...
i dunno. mail me if u want them. I have to say I have very bad coding.. 
but hey they work. :)

btw on a side-note has anyone noticed that pvv.unit.no has stopped 
supporting this list? I used to get it off that machine and had trouble 
resubscribing after the summer (sorry, alex for sending to circle-request...)

(a college mud starting up next term year.)

Ps if u want to see any of these in action columbo.cyberia.ie:4000 might 
be alive if you try. :)

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