[Circle] Want [Code] Catapult Travelling

From: collins (collins@raptor.eznets.canton.oh.us)
Date: 08/20/96

Yo! In the words of the new Neon Sedan :)

My C is a litte rusty, so you'll probably see me asking for codes alot ;)

Wondering if someone could make a code for a source of transportation. The
CATAPULT (sounds fun, eh?) instead of some wimpy portal. Hmph!

Here, you got some lil' dwarven dude and his family running some catapult
travelling service, in which you board a catapult for about couple thou, and
it shoots you to a area where you have selected.


Say your lost in the middle of this forest, right, luckily there's a
catapult service nearby, and the little dwarven dude's mother (it's a family
buisness :) has a list:

Migaard              1000
New Thalos        10000
Forest Entrance   5000
+ 5000 for groups

And you give the gal 1000 coins, you type BOARD, and you and your group if
you've got one, board the catapult, you wait a few seconds and then
FWOOOOSH           You start flying through the air!!!!!!!
(look at the birdies mommy), and PLOP you land on top the Migaard Temple, of
one of those pointy tower tops (ouch).

Sounds cool, eh? I like it. So anyways, there you have it. Of course, that'd
be way to complicated for ME to code ;)

So it could be like a spec_proc for to assign to a room, or obj, or something.

I would need to make changes, though, to fit my MUD (change room#, etc)

If anyone wants to code it send me line. I don't want to have 6 people start
coding, and then me their versions of it, and just take one...sniff....

              @ @
            @ @ @
          @ @ @ @
        @ @ @ @ @        @          <--- all the cents I've got left :)
 @                              @              @


PS: What the hell does MOO, MUSH, MUCK, etc stand for?

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