Re: [Circle] [Code] [Newbie] CODE (sorry bout the earlier one

From: collins (
Date: 08/21/96

I am also looking for a code that times your death, so you have about 10 minutes
before you actually 'decay' and return to the mortal_start_room.

(anyone know how I can split up a newbie generator, a back-from dead room,
and a recall room?)

In this time (optionally, a new DRAG command) you have time for passer-byers
to drag you town and cast 'animate dead' on you (if no drag, then just rez
you on the spot, and by rez, I refer to ressurect...oh no! another
short-form! Hell, that was the most common newbie word on this one MUD I
played...Rez me...Rez me!)

BTW - Animate dead DOES rez you right? Like I've said before, my MUD isn't
running yet, so I haven't got the chance to cast these spells (unless I did
on another know)

- J

 "If it's foaming from the mouth and has red eyes, don't play with it, stupid!"
                                   Wise Word from J #445

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