Re: [Circle] [NEWBIE] Running Under Win95

From: Chris Ryan (
Date: 08/21/96

> > > > This has totally eluded can I run this under Win95, or
> > > > anyone suggest another platform?
> > Get Linux - it's free!
> Everyone seems so quick to say "Get Linux", I've heard it a million
> times, but for those of use that have never used a Unix/Linux system, we
> have to learn how install it, configure it, use the operating system,
> use the coding, debugging tools and try and get a "hole free" system
> that's ready for production.  Some of us just don't wanna learn
> Unix/Linux and also don't wanna use up part of our machines or buy a new
> machine for running the MUD if we can use stuff we already have.  Posts
> should be coming from people that are willing to positively help Windows
> users not from people that are trying to convert us. :)  I asked the
> same question when I was a newbie (which wasn't long ago) and got the
> "Get Linux" response 10 times with no positive reply about using
> Windows....
> I'm not just directing it to the writer of this email, but all of you
> who try to convert us Windows users to Linux/Unix.  Hey, Windows
> mightn't be as good as Linux/Unix for running MUDs, but it's what we
> know and like to use.  You're just wasting your time and everyone elses
> with posts like this.  As a Windows man, please stop them...
For starters I would like to point out that I personlly have ported Circle
to run under 95/NT without the use of MSVC. I uploaded the file to one of
the FTP sites and Talked to alex about it. the file should be named
circle.w95.port.txt This is a fairly simple patch that works. It lacks in
complexity but is very stable to my own experience.

I would like to request that this fact be made aware of in the FAQ if
possible and if the file is not on the FTP site I'll be happy to uplaod it

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