[Circle] [Newbie] Small Q

From: collins (collins@raptor.eznets.canton.oh.us)
Date: 08/21/96

Just wondering,

  If I equipped a mobile with a BOAT type item, or make it a WATERWALKing
mobile, would people following the mobile be able to go on water regardless
if they have boats or not?

Example: A Mobile called 'Tugboat' has a spec_proc similar to The Mayor's
(goes from one port to another, letting people get off at each dock), and at
each dock it'd say "Everyone boarding type "FOLLOW TUGBOAT" and everyone
leaving type "FOLLOW <yourname>"" You see where I'm getting at?

Would that work?!? If it doesn't, how do you suppose I make a boat?

Also, is there any hope for running a MUD on Win95 without having MSVC++?
The only complier I have is a Borland C++ shareware thingie.
I'm in deep doodie if there ain't...

I don't understand why standard Telnet isn't as good as any other client. I
went into Edit/Prefs or something, clicked an option button (Echo something
or other)
and there you go, I could see what I was typing. Although, zMUD is nice (but
on the Web, I can't TelNet to a game when I have my client set to zMUD, but
I can when it is set to TelNet)

Well, sorry if I'm getting you confused :)
Just wait for another [NEWBIE] subjected letter from me, and we'll be okay. K?

- J

  "Getting drunk at 2 a.m. will not help you on the exam you have the next
morning, stupid!"
                                     Wise Words from J #612

Everyone's gonna be eager to read my letters just so they can get some daily
words of wisdom....oi!

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