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From: Franco (
Date: 08/21/96

        Reading through this, i find it a bit hypocritical. He seems to be
lecturing individual people, while replying to the whole group. 
        One thing people like this forget is the big key: We all know how
to be polite, how to properly respond, and how not to be aggressive. But
we do it anyway, because thats human nature. For some, this list is a place
to vent, for some a place to leech other's work, and for others, just a
source of entertainment (like me). Try to moderate it, I think that would
be more or less a feeble attempt. It will ALWAYS be like this, on ANY group.
        Take it in stride buq-o


At 12:25 PM 8/20/96 -0500, you wrote:
>To Alex:
>Is there perhaps a way to add to the sig file that you append to all Circle
>messages the number of people that will receive that message? I think some
>people don't realize how many "listeners" are out there.
>Now to everyone:
>I suggest the next time you send a message to this group, or any other for
>that matter that you read over your message several times and ask yourself
>a few questions, "Am I really saying what I want to say here? Is this the image
>I want to portray to the myriad of people that will receive this? Do I really
>need to send this to everyone on the list? Will a good majority benefit 
> from my 
>sending this message? Or should I just send it to the two or three people who 
>asked for it."
>Maybe this is bordering on etiquette, but just from personal experience
>here are few things everyone can do to minimize the conflict that can erupt 
>in these mailing lists. 1) Don't reply to every single message immediately. 
>Read all of your mail first, then send one single message that covers any 
>items that you wish to discuss. 2) Remove ALL parts of a "reply" message 
>that are irrelevant, (especially these incessant signatures) or remove it all 
>completely and just reference the author and date. It's very likely that we 
>all have the same message about 6 messages up in our list, and know exactly 
>what we're talking about. If you don't, sorry, you miss out this time.
>To Argus, or whatever your name is:
>I cannot believe you would even think of sending this message to such a
>mailing list as the one to which we subscribe. Please realize that it was
>the list owner  himself who requested that the lazy typing desist. A few
>others saw fit to express their concern as well, to make it painfully obvious
>to this "Frag" individual that his typing style was not appropriate for this
>mailing list. 
>I have never in my entire life seen any foreign individual use numbers to
>signify words when using our English language. Using 1 or one, is one thing,
>but using ne1 for anyone, is absolutely ridiculous. You belittle foreigners a
>great deal by saying its ok for them to type like that -- foreigners do not
>and would not type like that. Only the type of person that lazy America could
>produce would even dream up this 'warez' speak as someone termed it. Anyone
>who can type properly knows that it takes no time to type anyone as compared
>to ne1. 
>I think you went way to far in assuming that people who are requesting a 
>person type out "anyone" are both racially and religiously biased, and
>then naming them Hitlers. Please, in the future, never speak on behalf
>of the American population, you have no right, nor does anyone. Your
>writing is completely off base and inappropriate. I pray that you are not
>in our Armed Forces, for I would not want to be protected by such an
>ignorant individual. You do a great disservice by representing yourself as
>To Frag:
>In all seriousness, you've got some very good ideas and inputs to this list,
>and I do admit to trudging through your previous writings. Realize that you're
>sending these messages to be read by others, and what benefit is there to you
>typing it faster, if we have to take two or three times the time to read it. 
>Remember your 'customer' on the other end.
>Andrew McDonald
>Mr. Andrew W. McDonald				Xerox
>						Xerox Square, USCO Headquarters
>Andrew_McDonald@MC.XEROX.COM			Rochester, NY
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