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From: Raelyn Sweebe (
Date: 08/21/96

>Ok, this has got to be a simple question and since I have only built for Merc
>before now, I need to confirm it with Circle ;)
>What is the correct format if you have more than 99 zones (areas) and or 99
>rooms in an area?  #QQ99 is shown and there is a sample room in the builder's
>docs that shows a room #18629 and the Midguaard area (no, I aint using it,
>all my areas will be original) does QQ00-QQ99 then starts at QK00 etc making
>one WLD file into 3 zones... what is the CORRECT method?
>I would prefer a single zone for my city proper but it's got close to 300
>rooms alone, not counting the inside of some places which will be areas unto

Well as I learn every day what I prefer and what works best is not always
the same.  What works best is to split the zone if it is nearly 300 rooms
into 3 workables zones.  The main reason to do this is with 300 rooms you
are talking about a serious zone check on each reset with 100 rooms players
notice almost no visible sprace when a zone resets with 150 is still barely
noticeable with 300 rooms mobs objects spec code shops etc.. The game
virtually has a pause each time that zone loads.  As far as I know if you
don't care about the pause a simple adjustment of the top number of zone
will fix the limit of 100 rooms per zone.

We updated our code to handle zones up to number 322 not quite sure how as
it was done before I officially owned the mud and I am not a c coder by

As for the last questions about doors maybe I missed this by why type go
west is the oak door was west a simple w would send you through the door.
And you can set door names to be anything you like and then players can
open double open french open mahogany etc etc...

If you have any other questions pop them in my email I am sure my coding
staff or I could lend a hand, we certainly made our mistakes and also our

Good luck on the totally unique world, we deleted all stock zones first
chance we got and are at 25 zones and counting.  It's a bumpy ride by each
day the sun sets on Moonhaven and I don't see the same ole ssen to general
store I thank myself for making the journey.

any Q's mail me or come talk to me

Destiny the keeper of the fates, Eclipse of Fate 7777
"vini, vidi, vici"

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