[Circle][Newbie] Zones Etc.

From: LrdSpectre (LrdSpectre@aol.com)
Date: 08/21/96

Ok, this has got to be a simple question and since I have only built for Merc
before now, I need to confirm it with Circle ;)

What is the correct format if you have more than 99 zones (areas) and or 99
rooms in an area?  #QQ99 is shown and there is a sample room in the builder's
docs that shows a room #18629 and the Midguaard area (no, I aint using it,
all my areas will be original) does QQ00-QQ99 then starts at QK00 etc making
one WLD file into 3 zones... what is the CORRECT method?

I would prefer a single zone for my city proper but it's got close to 300
rooms alone, not counting the inside of some places which will be areas unto

One final question.  On the circle muds I have played on and while reading
the docs, you can "OPEN DOOR" then "W" , but how would you say, "There are
three doors here, one of oak, one of mahogany and one of steel". The player
would then open one, "OPEN OAK DOOR" and then (and this is the part I can't
figure out) "GO OAK DOOR"

Thanks for your patience...
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