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Date: 08/22/96

At 08:55 AM 8/22/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Was wondering if anyone knows of a convinient way to have exits show up
>when you enter a room like was mentioned on here a while ago....
>North# East... where the # indicates a closed exit.
>I'd like to see that work more or less like that, and likewise with Exits...
>North# - An Iron gate
>East - A hallway
I have done exactly that: I defined a new exit type TYPE_SECRET, and the only
way to see it is if you are detecting secret doors, and if so, it will say
"You discover a secret door north." when the character enters the room. No
other command will show you this door. (You can however try going north and
if the secret is closed it will say The secret is closed, I am working on this
at the moment). But scan, exits, autoexits, and look in direction all do not
show secret doors (even if they are open).

All you need to do is put checks in all the related functions: If the exit is
flagged as TYPE_SECRET, 'do not print anything' or whatever you get the idea.

Now define an AFF_DETECT_SECRET (or just use a spell) and add checks in 
look_at_room for your "you discover..." message. (this is where I put it, there
is probably other places, the downside to my way is that the player can keep
looking at the room to see the secret door so adding a percent chance of
not seeing the secret(failure) is useless.

good luck, CHuck

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