[Circle] [OFFTOPIC] Windows or Linux? That is the question.

From: collins (collins@raptor.eznets.canton.oh.us)
Date: 08/22/96

To use Win, or not to use Win? That is the question.

Well, for me it's either, try configuring the comm.c without screwing it up,
wasting $100 to buy MSVC++ or download Linux and try to configure, debugg,
install, setup, and actually try to find the right file among the thousands
of different Linuxes out there. See, I'm not set up at a school, so I don't
have all the conveinent software at my fingertips.

So, I have 2 requests, maybe someone email me there version of comm.c cause
I'm just afraid of screwing it up, and I don't want to keep reloading it
every time I do, or have someone give me some step-by-step instuctions on
getting the right Linux file to run. (when it comes to some things, I'm
totally dense. I can make a good builder for CM (who can't) but then other
things ...well, you've seen enough email from me to tell how wacked I am :)

So, maybe someone can help me out a bit ;)

Thanks a poop-load,

         "Using acid on top of a high building ain't a good idea, stupid!"
                               Wise Words from J #837

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