[Circle] [SYSTEM] OK... WEll, I seem to have answered my own question..

From: Sergey (skatsev@extreme.polarnet.com)
Date: 08/22/96

I looked more closely at the site, and found more files that I need. But 
can someone please tell me which ones of terse I HAVE to have and which 
ones I can get if I want to? 
The list follows:
1. Source code for the 2.0.0 Linux Kernel
2. Networking. TCP/IP, UUCP, mailx, dip, ppp, deliver, elm, pine, BSD 
sendmail, Apache httpd, arena, lynx, cnews, nn, tin, trn
3. NTex Release 1.2.1
4. Tcl, Tk, TclX
5. Games... Well, I know that I dont NEED this... :)
6. extra packages

Also, can someone tell me which Items in the networking package are 
better than others? 
Thank you in advance 
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