[Circle] Helpful Tip

From: Linebacker (linebacker@microlink.net)
Date: 08/22/96

This applies to linux/unix coders specifically.

This is a real easy way to 'save your ass' when you
completely jack up your code.

Here is what I do:

1) Upon my first untar and compiling of Circle I create a
   directory under the /src directory called '.stock'.
   I copy all .c's, .h's, and Makefiles into this directory.

2) I change all the permissions in this dir to read-only. I
   now use this dir for reference only.

3) I create another directory called '.source.backup1' and 
   again copy all the files into this dir. (This is now my
   'save ass' backup)

4) I create a simple script called backup, that will automatically
   copy these files into the '.source.backup1' dir and I also spiff
   it up with date stamps and some screen echoes.

5) Now whenever you add new code and have it in 'stable and debugged'
   condition, run backup.

6) This is a basic backup type system, you can get much more in depth.
   I actually have 6 source backups that move the preceding files up
   one level so we have 6 backup's from different times. (similiar to
   the way the syslogs are manipulated)

7) I have yet to have any problems using this system, and it has saved
   me much grief.

8) Most of you probably already have a system such as this, and probably
   learned to use this system by mistake, as I did, but maybe someone can
    benefit from this.

note: I also use this system for my world files since I wrote over my best
      area ever written before I had a chance to back it up.

note2: If you are low on space, you can also store backups of the binary file
       and work backwords from that.

btw: I started using the cartograph utility, and can't begin to tell how much
     time and frustation that utility saves. You can pump out a large area
     with everything save the room desc's in a half an hour. If you have not
     tried this util out, you must! It is on the circle ftp site.


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