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From: Daniel W. Burke (
Date: 08/22/96

On Thu, 22 Aug 1996, Linebacker wrote:

> This applies to linux/unix coders specifically.
> This is a real easy way to 'save your ass' when you
> completely jack up your code.
> Here is what I do:
> 1) Upon my first untar and compiling of Circle I create a
> 2) I change all the permissions in this dir to read-only. I
> 3) I create another directory called '.source.backup1' and 
> 4) I create a simple script called backup, that will automatically
> 5) Now whenever you add new code and have it in 'stable and debugged'
> 6) This is a basic backup type system, you can get much more in depth.
> 7) I have yet to have any problems using this system, and it has saved
> 8) Most of you probably already have a system such as this, and probably

This is pretty close to something that I finally decided to use...
I've started keeping a  CHANGES file up to date, and I constants keep a 
ZIP file in the base directory of the mud (where configure/autorun etc 
is run from) containing the source and makefile, and have a script that 
copies the ZIP it a backupdir with a specified name that's usually todays 
date, and it copies the CHANGES file from the /src dir along with it 
making the name <date>.CHANGES so I know what's in that file... been a 
great system, and has already saved my ass more then once :)
(BTW- this is all in linux) :)


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