[Circle] [CODE] hmm lots of it.

From: Mark McCormick (mark@cyberia.ie)
Date: 08/22/96

I found the snippets page really nice. I would encourage more of us to 
contribute. Due to this, and the amount of people who mailed me for the 
bits of code I offered I'm going to send all the little commands I added 
to the archive.

What I think would be a really great idea is if others did the same...

The idea is that I know that some of us could code anything we think of 
with a little time to work out how to do it. But come on, if we all 
contribute all the circlemuds will be a little better. Just because you 
spend so much time coding your idea doen't mean you have to keep it to 
yourself. If we all did that every mud would be fairly useless. :)

Okay, so it breaks my heart giving all these away...

and btw none are fully finished. that would be too easy.

[usage] ping <player|self>
reponse: time in mseconds for the server to talk to players' host.
	i.e. the lag the player is suffering from.

<impl: ping host <hostname> pings any host by name or IP>

[note] this uses a shell command. it willl be different depending on what 
machine you are using as will the line response the routine looks for in 
the redirected output.
i.e. in my case i use a ping -s <host> 100 5 > <file>
and look for a "round-time...." reponse.

[problems unsolved] it will pong you back though writing or building, 
and will not recoognise ping timout, DNS errors, etc. If you log out 
while waiting for a ping it will display the pong next time you log on.

jees this was easy just a few lines in comm.c
it doesn't check for players prefrences though. just gechos "TICKCOUNTER: 
10 seconds to tick" etc. to every player.

recent: no bugs, but no options yet either. it just display the last 20 
lines of syslog to an impl.

speedwalk: just a check in the typo routine: if the cmd is only comprised 
of direction-letters do a few perform_moves.

gosact: gossip a social, or gossip-emote.

pray: ping all gods in any online asking for help and tell you if there 
are not on.

I also have a prompt that displays victims health, tankers health(if u 
are not tanking) in a fight, your position if you are non-standing. major 
affectations such as blind,etc. exp to level, gold. blah you get the idea...

anyway all the are on the way to alex this evening. :)

PS: anyone already changed that newbie-guide to work with groups? i.e. 
autogroup you if you follow, gt instead of say etc... twould save me 
time. :)

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well, i haven't changed the pick lock skill in any way, but i've
noticed that anybody who uses, irregardless of class/race/pick lock
skill, is able to successfully pick a lock :(

the only reason i noticed this is cause i tried to add a doorbash scmd
and in testing it, anybody could successfully use it, and since i had
mostly just copied the pick scmd, i decided to check the pick command
in the game and lo, it had the same bug :P

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